Not that a reminder is required, but Final Reviews will take place all day tomorrow in Crown Hall.

In the AM, Studios Kultermann and Tinucci will review in Center Core, and in the afternoon Studios Landon/Pitak, Robertson, Ronan, Wetzel and Woodhouse will review in UC1, UC2, North Core and Center Core.

The AM review locations are below.


And the PM review locations are below.


As always, please arrive early to have all of your pinned up and ready to go prior to your scheduled review time, and even more importantly, after reviews please return Crown Hall to the condition it was in when we collectively arrived.

This means: chairs are all folded and neatly hung on the rack, all food and trash is cleaned up and discarded or removed, all work is removed and brought back to 3410 and all model bases are cleanly aligned along the walls of center core.

As a reminder, we review throughout the entire day so that everyone can participate and see each others reviews.  Please respect yourselves and each other by not staying up all night tonight, getting enough rest so that you can thoughtfully participate in your review and others and learning something new tomorrow.

Finally, Friday will be ‘business as usual in studio’.  Our tasks is to clean up all trash from our studios to ensure the floors are clear and that we are ready to start on day one next semester.  As a reward, towards the end of studio time, we’ll celebrate with a social hour in 3410.  Those of you in Crown, please join us to celebrate a semester well done.