All, Welcome to the last day of studio this spring.  Despite that reality, we still have a full agenda so you aren’t off the hook just yet.

The first thing we need to do is is CLEAN, and CLEAN in a very big way.  All trash must go from Crown and 3410 today.  Dumpsters are staged and ready.  After today, you have until the end of the weekend to remove ALL material from Crown and from 3410.  If it is not removed, it will be thrown out by the cleaning crews prepping for the Open House and Graduation festivities.    This effort is your responsibility, but we’ll be there to motivate and supervise.

Any models requested for the end of year show/open house will need to get moved to Crown Hall lower level EAST for staging/installation next week.  If your model/project hasn’t been flagged yet by your professor, please remove it so that it doesn’t get discarded.

THEN – If the weather holds, we will have our annual BBQ and pizza party on the NE side of M&M starting around 5p.  Please bring all your friends!!  I’ve got plenty of food to get us kicked off, but as usual, it’s a pot luck, so please bring some snacks, food and drink to share with the crew.  As always, folks from all years are welcome to join.  The more the merrier.

That all said, if it’s raining, we postpone until next week I hope….and I’ll make another batch of pizza dough…

See you this afternoon.


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