ARCH 418 DAY 1

All,  Studio rosters will be posted momentarily to the blog.  In advance of that, two announcements.

  1.  Any personal material or equipment, and all models and drawings and work from previous semesters must be removed from your previous studio location and moved to your new studio location prior to the start of studio today.  If not, your material will be discarded.
  2. STUDIO LOCATIONS: Studio/Professor locations will be very similar to last semester with two changes.  First, Professor Radutny will be in Crown Hall where Professor Barney was last semester (second row from south, east side).   Second, Professor Flury and Professor Tinucci will swap locations.  Professor Flury will be in Crown Hall first floor east on the southern row of desks, west side, and Professor Tinucci will be in 3410 First Floor East studio.  In summary, Professors Takeuchi, Flury, Robertson and Radutny will be first floor east Crown Hall and Professors Kultermann, Woodhouse, Tinucci and Landon/Pitak will be in 3410 first floor east.




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