All, You recently received an email from the College noting that your work product needs to be uploaded to the College’s Online Archive – Protocol by semester’s end.  Please refer to that email and the attached document (protocol-student-user-manual_fall-2016) for instructions for uploading.   You may also contact your professor with further questions/clarifications.

Please note that this is not a request, but a requirement for successful completion of ARCH 417/ARCH 418.  You will not receive a grade for the class until your work samples have been uploaded.

Thank you



All, Congratulations.  We are almost there.  Tomorrow, please meet in studio to clean up and demobilize.   As always, clean up needs to be completed by the end of the weekend.  Cleaning crews will begin cleaning the studios after that time and you will risk losing your material if it has not be organized.

Very simply, the rules are as follows:

  1. Remove all large trash/debris from your studio space, floor and adjacent walls.  Bags will be provided and dumpsters are behind 3410 and on the north side of Crown.
  2. Take down and remove all personal items including shelves/racks/chairs/constructions from your desks and studio space.
  3. Remove all work product (models/drawings) from your studio space.

Please do your part and respect the amount of work that needs to be done to get the studios ready prior to next semester.   Be responsible for your mess, but don’t hesitate to help your neighbors as well.

Thanks in advance.