Per our conversation today in lecture:

This year’s Open House will organize students’ images in two arrangements.   One will wrap the interior of Center Core during Convocation.  The other will take the form of a poster, similar to the one produced by Vitra.

Each student in the College will submit a single project image that represents your work this year in the COA for inclusion.

Format Standards

  1. One image per student must be submitted to the Google Drive.
  2. All images must be submitted as CMYK JPGs at 300dpi; 3,000 px x 3,000 px.
  3. Images are to be raster. NO PDFs of line drawings/renderings will be accepted.
  4. Image must be in a SQUARE format.
  5. Image naming should follow this format: “BARCH_YR4_StudentLastNameFirstName” (i.e. “BARCH_YR4_SmithJohn.jpg”). It is very important that images are named correctly, and submitted to the correct folder.

ALL images must be submitted as soon as possible, meaning today, and not later than Sunday, April 24th, at 12:00pm to the Google Drive link above.   Anyone who does not submit by then will not have their image represented in the Open House display or Open House poster.



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