LECTURE: IIT Innovation Center

15_03.29 - exploded diagram - emailAll, this Friday Professor Ronan will discuss the new IIT Innovation Center project from starting at 2:00pm in Seigel Hall Auditorium.  Please join us for this studio wide presentation (of course, please confirm with your individual studio professors).


Studio Culture Survey

All, Last year when our degree programs were reviewed and reaccredited, the NAAB review team asked us to refresh our Studio Culture Policy. A group of students have begun a discussion of how to proceed, and the first step is to survey all the students. The feedback from this survey will be a starting point to further review our current Policy, hold discussion sessions, and draft revisions as needed.

Please take a few minutes to follow the link and respond to the survey.  http://goo.gl/forms/fIsIFHQNDl


On Monday, October 19th, studios Kultermann (Urban Agriculture), Ronan (Authenticity), Tinucci (Mass Timber), Wetzel (Tourism and Architecture) and Woodhouse (Experience of Place) will conduct their Midterm Reviews.

Reviews will be in Crown Hall Upper Core and North Core and will begin at 2pm unless you have been instructed otherwise by your individual professor.

Review locations are noted in the diagram below.  Please begin pinning up as early as possible so that your studio can start promptly, and after reviews, please remove all of your material and leave Crown Hall in the condition we found it or better.